Stay Safe training to prevent violence against women with disabilities is now ready

28 October 2021 By Stay Safe Editorial team

Many professionals in the field of disability highlight the absence of courses, training events and materials that enable them to increase their skills and knowledge in the field of prevention of violence against women with disabilities. Similarly, professionals from anti-violence centres are looking for training opportunities on how to interface with people with disabilities. 

The training course promoted by the Stay Safe project aims to meet this need by offering a totally free course to professionals interested in learning more about the topic. Moreover, the project partnership, recognising the need for women themselves to be protagonists in this process of empowerment and recognition of violence, promotes a second course for women with psycho-social disabilities.

Methods and contents of the Stay Safe training

The pathway for professionals will be divided into 9 training modules focusing on the following topics:

  • Prevalence of sexual harassment/ violence among women and girls with psycho-social disabilities 
  • Types and forms of sexual violence and their consequences on victims
  •  Risk factors for sexual harassment/ violence against women with psycho-social disabilities
  •  How to recognize sexual harassment/ violence against women with psycho-social disabilities
  • Relevant legislation and victims’ rights
  • How professionals could prevent violence among women and girls with disabilities: at professional, organizational and structural level
  • How professionals could deal with the cases of violence against women and girls with psycho-social disabilities: professional, organizational and structural level
  • Best practices and tools for preventing and dealing with such issues
  • Creating networks for preventing and tackling sexual violence / harassment against disabled women

The series of workshops dedicated to women with psychosocial disabilities will instead cover 5 macro-themes:

  • Introduction to sexual violence/harassment
  • Consent
  • Recognition of an abusive situation
  • Saying no
  • Seeking help

In both educational paths, the contents will be conveyed through creative drama performance techniques, which are considered particularly effective in relation to these issues and to groups such as people with disabilities.

When and where

The course will take place in the partner countries and will be led by the project coordinator, Anziani e non solo in Italy, and by the partners Kinonikes Sineteristikes Drastiriotites Efpathon Omadon in Greece, Fundación Intras in Spain, Safe Space Associacao Saúde Mental Portugal and Universidade do Porto in Portugal, Socialiniu Inovaciju Fondas in Lithuania. 

In each country 20 professionals and 10 women with psychosocial disability interested in undertaking this course will be involved, in a totally free way. The path will be characterised by a dual learning mode, using both face-to-face activities and e-learning training.

The course will start in November 2021. Those interested in participating will be informed of the specific starting date, which will also be decided on the basis of their availability.

Do you want to know more? Contact us!

Are you a professional or a women with psychosocial disability interested in the course? Would you like to take part in the training or simply have more information? Contact us!

Here are our contacts:

  • Anziani e non solo (ANS), Italy –
  • Kinonikes Sineteristikes Drastiriotites Efpathon Omadon (EDRA)- Greece 
  • Fundación Intras – Spain
  • Safe Space Associacao Saúde Mental Portugal – Portugal
  • Universidade do Porto – Portugal
  • Socialiniu Inovaciju Fondas – Lithuania.

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