The Stay Safe video documentary

3 June 2021 By Stay Safe Editorial team

As a woman within a spectrum of disability, why do you think it is important to talk about gender-based violence against all women, including those with disabilities?

As a professional or carer working in the disability field, what message do you want to share with your colleagues and with the public?
These two questions were answered by 4 women and 7 professionals from Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, Greece, Spain and Belgium. The documentary aims to raise awareness about the phenomenon of sexual violence against women with psychosocial disabilities, an issue that is still little known among the public.
To do this, the Stay Safe partnership decided to give voice – literally – to the women, the professionals and carers who share with them their daily activities and the obstacles they face. Only by talking about this issue and involving women with disabilities in the dialogue can the barriers of prejudice and discrimination that fuel violence be broken down.

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